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tv   FOX Report  FOX News  August 15, 2010 7:00pm-8:00pm EDT

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>> new information on a high speed desert race turning deadly. dramatic video shot just moments before the horrific crash. we're going to show it to you and debating the political fallout over the president's take on a controversial mosque here in new york city. i'm julie banderas and this is the fox report. >> it does speak to the lack of connection between the administration and washington and folks inside the beltway and mainstream america. >> the top senate republican signal today the battle over that mosque near ground zero could become a major campaign issue, but it seems not everyone agrees. >> we've got to honor the confusion and the president is reminding us of that and it's important. >> what if anything can this controversy mean for the mid term elections? >> we'll break it down in a live report.
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plus, tragedy at the track. >> people that ran over, bodies are flying everywhere. >> several people killed and more than a dozen hurt after an off roeder goes airborne. why were racing fans allowed to stand so close to the course? >> also, tonight, a dramatic rescue captured on camera after a plane crashing into a lake and starts to sink. on the scene as it erupts in the streets and look out below! a piece of history reduced to rubble. a new election year issue now brewing ahead of november's elections. this after president obama waded na a controversy over the construction over a place
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of worship near ground zero. the proposed 13 story cordoba house would be in proximity to one of the 9/11 attack sites sparking a heated debate with passionate defenders for and against the location. the president signaling his implicit support for the mosque's construction hosting a ramadan dinner at the white housement since then the white house and the president attempting to clarify those remarks. yesterday, the president said, and i'm quoting, i was not commenting and i will not comment on the wisdom of making the decision to put a mosque there. i was commenting very specifically on the right that people have that dates back to our founding. that's what our country is about. but critics are already pouncing. >> i think the president was wrong on friday night to bring the issue up and then just raise half the issue and give the wrong impression and he knew what he was doing.
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>> and also today, the g.o.p. saying the president's remarks reflect an even bigger mid term campaign issue. james rosen is live in washington with more tonight, hi there, james. >> julie, good evening. the white house says president obama yesterday was not backing off in any way from his first set of comments about the islamic center project just that he was standing up for a constitutional principle. here are his original comments. >> let me be clear, as a citizen, and as president, i believe that muslims have the right to practice their religion as everyone else in this country. [applause] >> and that includes, that includes the right to build a place of worship in a community center on private property in lower manhattan in accordance with local laws and ordinance. >> explaining later why the president did not address the wisdom of building the mosque two blocks north of ground zero, said it's in the in his
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role as president to pass judgment on every local project. some 9/11 victims groups object to the proposed 13 story, 100 million dollar islam elk cultural center on lower manhattan's park place and ditto for a majority of new yorkers and americans as a whole. and top elected officials in new york city, including mayor michael bloomberg support the project. appearing on fox news sunday this morning, the lawmaker leading the party's bed for the senate explained why he thinks the issue will resonate with voters in november. >> i do think it's unwise and-- to build a mosque at the site where 3000 americans lost their lives as a result of the terrorist attack. and i think to me, it demonstrates that the-- that washington, the white house, the administration, the president himself, seems to be disconnected from the mainstream of america. >> democratic congressman gerald nadler, the new yorker whose district includes ground zero and supports this project told another network today and i quote, frankly, ground zero
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is hallowed ground. two blocks away is not so hallowed ground, unquote. julie. >> julie: james rosen, thank you. developing now, bodies everywhere, how one witness described this race track horror. an out of control truck plows into a group of people watching an off road race in california's mohave desert. when the dust cleared eight people were dead and 12 more people in the crowd were injured and you saw the truck flipped over the wheels pointed towards the sky as shocked spectators grasped the extent of the mayhem. in the next video you can actually hear the crowd react to the disaster, just moments after it happened. lessen. listen. >> woo, hoo! >> oh! >> oh, hey! >> this is the truck just seconds before it went off the jump and sailed into the
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crowd. we're told the crash coming at the start of the 200 mile long race. this video showing how close spectators actually get to the track of the california 200. as you can see there are no guardrails, no protective barriers on this desert course. a dangerous one. for more we're joined on the phone by the officer of the california highway patrol. officer, thank you for rejoining us again. >> thank you. >> why don't you talk to us about what exactly went wrong with all of these crowds are watching these racing off road vehicles coming, barrelling toward them with no barrier in sight? >> yeah, this is the off road event and it's a race called the california 200 and it's, it's a five mile course and designed to go around the track. at this location, there is a
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ridge where the vehicles come over the ridge and land on the other side. this particular vehicle landed on the road, lost control and went into where the spectators were located on the north-- south side of the track. >> this-- >> this is a perfectly heel sport. there are pro racers that take part in the california 200 in the mohave desert. there's nothing new. drag racing for example, not legal. you can't go out and drag race without some sort of conductor that's going to protect the spectators, number one, if you're going to any kind of auto race, why is it there are nothing protect the people, there were eight people killed as a result. usually the sanctioned event means the promoters in this instance obtained a permit from the bureau of land management to hold this race at this location and within the permit parameters they have to abid by and that's how
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this happened. >> julie: so they have to get a permit and abide by the permit. it you notice by investigating this case and hearing what you've heard so far, as to how exactly the car lost control, were they abiding by their permits? >> unfortunately, at this time i have not been able to take a look at the contract at this time. so i cannot comment on whether the rules were followed or not. >> do you see any problem with the fact at that there's crowds of spectators that are literally lined up with no barriers, no protection whatsoever and then you've got the racing vehicles going on for 200 miles and there's absolutely nothing in their way of crushing these people to death? >> that's correct. it's extremely dangerous. the vehicles, they run up to 100 miles per hour depending on the location of the race track and in this instance, and this instance, as you can see on the video, the crowd, they're very close to the track itself. with led to this unfortunate event. >> julie: do you forsee any changes?
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at this time we do not know. that would be up to the land management and what they make the day of jo do you personally believe there should be changes to the law in order to pre-hibit this from ever happening again? >> obviously, we would like to avoid further incidents like this from happening and that will be decided bye the bureau of land management and the promoters at a later time. >> julie: all right. well, we hope to see the changes happen soon or else we'll see one of these deadly crashes again. officer, we appreciate you coming on, thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> julie: well, as the gulf recovery goes on the first family returns home to washington. the obamas wrapping up a vacation in panama city beach not before wrapping up a round of ice cream. the mayor says the visit is good for the region and hopes the president's trip turns around a tourism season nearly ruined by the gulf spill. mike emanuel is travelling with the president and has more.
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>> this was president obama's fifth visit to the gulf since the spill and he promised to help restore the economy and the environment. the president, first lady and first daughter sasha went for a ride in the bay. they were greeted by a pourpipou pourpist and they hope to spend vacation in panama city peach. they say the businesses lost an entire tourism season and triefs the economy. officials say the presidential visit was great and they wish longer than 27 hurst and image along the gulf coast would see the president and his daughter having fun in the water. small businesses know it's on the television and internet and showing a good time in the emerald green surf. mr. obama mid a pledge, he won't turn his back on this region. >> my job is to make sure we
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live up to our responsibility and keep up our efforts until the environment is clean and polluters are held account and businesses and communities are made whole and the people of the gulf coast are back on their feet. >> a big part of getting back on their feet making sure at that tourists return to the restaurants, hotels and beaches along the gulf. julie. >> julie: mike emanuel. thank you very muchment police investigating a brutal homicide, why they think they arrested the wrong man and still keeping him behind bars. and struggling families in the gulf making very tough choices, when they can't care for their pets, who will? where you can adopt one of louisiana's shelter dogs. [ female announcer ] it's crabfest at red lobster.
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so, we set out to discover the science in some of nature's best ingredients. we created purina onwith smartblend. new, delicious shredded morsels and crunchy bites, with real meat, wholesome grains and antioxidan, anfor strong muscles, wvital energy,, a healthy immune system, and a real difference in your dog. purina one improved with smartblend discover what one can do. now available at petsmart. >> police in buffalo, new york back peddling after making an arrest in a shooting spree. the witness testimony, they're searching for a shooter who
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opened fire outside a buffalo restaurant early yesterday. we had it on the fox report last night. the melee killing four people and wounding others. they're dropping the charges dependence the man they arrested and mres will hold on toham on unrelated parole violation as the investigation tense. the head of the united nations says flooding in pakistan is the worst disaster he has ever seen. secretary-general moon arriving there today to tour devastated areas and also today more flooding. they're inundated and government officials are estimating that over 1500 people are dead, another 20 million are now homeless. the u.n. is calling for more donations to help in the recovery. so far, the u.s. is the biggest donor, giving 70 million dollars. the u.s. military new sending helicopters to rescue stranded people and deliver aid.
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the dog days of summer are getting brighter for a group of orphaned pups. the dogs, the victims of of the gulf coast oil spill. they began struggling after the spill, sadly. animal shelters are coming to the rescue. a shelter is doing what it can to make a ditches. hi there, peter. >> dogs are man's best friend, but a lot of people affected by the oil spill in the gulf can no longer afford to take carry of their best friends and because of that, the shelters down there are so overcrowded that the only way to save these dogs' lives is to send them to shelters in other states like st. hubert's here in madison, new jersey. . [barking] >> it's kind of sad and our heart kind of breaks because you can tell these people really love their pets. >> it's kind of shades of
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katrina again. >> the community support and outpouring has been incredible. it's like a bar on st. patrick's day, 20 in, 20 out. we had so much people waiting it see them. >> he's scared. >> it means a whole hell of a lot to us to save these animal's lives. hey, bruno. >> i think what is really touching to people is these are not abandoned, stray dogs that were just left because no one cared about them. these were pets whose families loved them very much and were forced into an unfortunate situation, but did the best thing they thought, to find someone who could offer them the same love and a secure future. >> and julie, this is christy, from that shelter in new orleans that you just saw. she's one of the good looking dogs you can tell was a very beloved member of someone's family and if you rescue her or one of her friends you'll be doing a great service to a family in the gulf going
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through a tough time right now. if you want more information go to pet or st. hubert' >> julie: that dog is so adorable. you've got to call the number on your screen if you know anyone who needs a pet and beautiful dog and you'll end up taking that one home. peter doocy, thank you very much. well, most banks may be closed on sundays, but today they must start following some new guidelines and they could impact anyone with a debit card. what you need to know before you enter your pin number coming up. of course we american taxpayers access you think ch sam's bank account and he used to dole out nearly 900 million dollar a year in federal stimulus. plenty of communities, maybe your own, are still sitting on piles of taxpayer cash. why? find out next. @í ♪ keep feeling fascination
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>> those new federal overdraft rules dp into effect today. the once that are supposed to help the bank customers. before you hit the atm you'll want to hear what i have it say. right now banks don't handle transactions in the order they receive them. the biggest deposits first, what does it mean? the money you add today your account may still be in the banks to do stack when you go to withdraw it. last week, a federal judge ordered wells fargo it pay more than 200 million to customers for the way they process debit card transactions. practically guaranteeing overdraft fees, but the company is appealing the judge's decision. bank of america, citibank and chase are reportedly not changing their current policies. and speaking of money, who can forget the record stimulus package. remember how we were told it would jump start the u.s.
7:23 pm
economy and put people back to work? it turned out plenty of places that had your tax dollars have yet to spend the bulk of the fund. in fact, sitting on piles of cash. bulls and bears, brenda buttner has more. >> reporter: to stimulate the labor market, nearly a year and a half later, the unemployment rate remains near double digits, back at 9.5% for the second straight month. nearly five people are competing for every job opening. more than double the number who vie for a job when the recession began. what gives? well, may be not the stimulus money, cash is still that, cash, and even the economists agree believes stimulus has to be spent to stimulate. in the motor city where unemployment is driving at 14%, detroit has given a green light to get this, just 1% of
7:24 pm
the 8.8 million in funds uncle sam handed over for energy efficient initiatives. what's true there is true for the whole nation. sure, tax credits, extra unemployment benefits and direct aid to states has given the economy any bump it could, but a huge chunk of stimulus is still unspent. more than half of the 275 billion devoted to investment spending, yet, remember cash for caulkers, or the 5 billion bucks for making low income homes more efficient? just a quarter of the funds were spent by the end of july. virginia is one of the best in the nation in spending this part of its stimulus. but just one of every $7 has been used there. and a lot of the money spent isn't producing many jobs, going to things like upgrading computer systems. not surprisingly, washington's bureaucracy isn't helping much either. the energy department had to decide whether many of the
7:25 pm
state's proposals needed a big environmental review, quite a few were sent back and stats had to start all over again, as for the white house, it says all is on schedule and that about three quarters of this economic stimulus will be spent by the end of next month. julie, back to you. >> julie: brenda buttner, thank you very much. with the space shuttle fleet being retired, museums and plan tearions are attempting to get a piece of space history. part of the shuttle discovery are headed to the smithsonian. atlantis and endeavor are up for grabs. florida says it should get one while they're launched from cape canaveral and texas says it has dibs because mission control is in houston. as for the winning bidders, they will to come up with the hefty 28 million dollars. no date has been set for the decision. well, the president's dead lien with withdraw troops from afghanistan is next summer,
7:26 pm
but one man's opinion will weigh heavily on whether that date is actually met. what the top u.s. general in the afghan war is saying today about that critical decision. plus, raging wildfires in russia burning near a nuclear research facility. with the head of the russian nuclear agency is saying about the threat. thanks to aarp, we can have more nights out. and i can get more laps in. ♪ our card lets us head to the beach more often. and lets us barbecue more often. my new glasses help me see everything. the new website helps me do everything. [ female announcer ] with aarp you get so much more out of life. ♪ discover the best of what's next at the new
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>> bottom of the hour, time for the top of the news. police in california investigating a horrific race that killed eight people in this crowd. cops say several spectators were hit after that truck you just saw took part in the california 200ment it flipped over, rammed a crowd of people and one witness says she went to the restroom and returned it find, quote, bodies all over the ground. the driver survived, and forced to run off after the crowd began throwing rocks at him. senator john cornyn says he believes the president's pla support muslims's right to build the mosque, but was not commenting on the wisdom of building two blocks from the world trade center site. today, the top u.s. and
7:31 pm
n.a.t.o. commander in afghanistan giving his assessment of the war's progress, but that's not all general david petraeus said. under former president bush, now asked by president obama to do repeat that mission in afghanistan. as u.s. operations wrap up in iraq, petraeus says it may not go according to pran. he problems he'll give candid advice to the president about withdrawing traps in afghanistan next summer indicating his advice won't be influenced by political pressure. he said previously the plan to again a drawdown in july, 2011 would depend entirely on conditions on the ground. in his first interview since taking over as commander in afghanistan, he told nbc he tonight find that deadline stifling and imparts urgency
7:32 pm
it the mission. and advised to delay the withdrawal. mine is to golf am i best military advice, informed certainly by awareness of the context within which i provide it, but not driven by it and that's the same way we approach the difficult recommendations that we made duri during the effort in iraq. petraeus says that it's just beginning in afghanistan and needs time to take root, but he recognizes the need it make headway after nine years of war. >> there is understandable concern and in some cases frustration and that therefore, we've really got to put our shoulder to the wheel and show during the course of this year that progress can be achieved. >> asked whether he might consider a run for president himself, general petraeus said no way, no how. julie. >> julie: malini wilks, thank you very much. they're the battle wounds that
7:33 pm
are not always apparent, but now army data may suggest hundreds of soldiers fired who had personality disorder were more than likely suffering from the stresses of war. an unnumber of soldiers discharged under those circumstances unfairly bear the stigma of a personality disorder, not only that, they also may be ineligible for military health care. and other benefits. the army has changed its review policy, but it denies that any soldier was misdiagnosed for post traumatic stress disorder before 2008. new concern tonight surrounding all the wildfires burning out of control in russia, one of the fires about 300 miles from moscow, is burning dangerously chose to a nuclear research sfelt. the ahead of the russian nuclear agency saying there's no threat of a nuclear contamination in the area, that's the good news. apparently all of the explosive and radioactive material as been put into safe storage. close to 500 fires ten to burn
7:34 pm
thut th -- continue to burn throughout that country. a boat race for the squeaky clean as we go around the world in 80 seconds. in south korea, a rally in seoul, calling for re, you know, if i indication of north and south korea. this comes on the anniversary of the korean peninsula's leb ration in 1985. relations between the two koreas are the lowest after the south accused the north of sinking one of its ships. 48-year-old musician wyclef jean going out in his bid to be the country's next president. >> you'll need a president that's not just a local president of a country, you're going to need a global president.
7:35 pm
>> hatian officials decide on tuesday whether jean will be listed on the november presidential ballot. turkey, orthodox christians hold a rare mass at a monastery this after the government loosens rules on religious expression. belgium, rub a dub dub, the bathtub regatta, most original, most beautiful and the bathtub boat that best represents a current event and that's a wrap on this fox trip around the world in 80 seconds. new developments in the case of an arizona prison break. this convicted killer is still on the run tonight, even as big changes are made at the prison they slipped away from. and find out what happens when this plane, with four passengers inside, start sinking into a lake. oh, new phillips' colon health probiotic plus fiber.
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>> a stunning end to the craigslist killer case. police say phillip markoff committed suicide in his jail cell. he made headlines after cops say he targeted women he met on craigslist. and attacked them in boston hotels. police charging hem with the murder of one of those women and for robbing another. 24-year-old markoff pleaded not guilty on both counts. he was awaiting trial when authorities found him unresponsive in his cell and pronounced him dead. new fallout of two of america's most wanted, continue to elude a nationwide manhunt, a warden and security official resigning from their posts at the arizona state prison where three inmates escaped last month. including john mccluskey.
7:40 pm
he's still on the run with his cousin and fiancee, casslyn welch who may have changed their appearances since they took the photos. meanwhile, the u.s. marshals service releasing several more pictures of the duo taken in recent years, here is whaun of mcincludes city and authorities focusing the search for the couple on western montana, the northwestern u.s. and canada. so they could pretty much be anywhere. police asking folks at truck stops and camp sites in those areas, to be extra vigilent. new warnings about some over-the-counter take home tests, do it yourself genetic tests prim fast answers to freightening questions, but are they the real thing? well, the feds are taking products so seriously, that congress is even launching the investigation. casey stegall is live in san diego to explain, hi, casey. good to see you, you can buy a pregnancy test from the drug store and even a home hiv test, but would you shell out money for an over-the-counter product that would allow you
7:41 pm
it measure own dna? well, there are three denver manufacturers here in san diego, california alone that are working on these kits and the home genetic test kits designed to measure diabetes, breast cancer and other genetic diseases. basically buy the kits and send off a dna sample to a lab and then wait for your test results at home. but the food and drug administration isn't so sure they're accurate and questions the helegality of the service in fact the u.s. government accountability office recently launching a probe and found they offered disease risk and made exaggerated marketing claims. >> i would never leave a phone message, for example, telling a patient, by the way you have an extraordinarily high risk of breast cancer and go tell somebody about it. that's in essence what some of
7:42 pm
these companies do. i think if you're going to provide information that is literally has the potential of being life changing, then, you have a responsibility to be available to help explain. >> pathway genomics, did not want to go on camera to talk about this. but did say in part, all reports are reviewed by a physician prior to delivery and customers are provided access to free genetics counselors and on staff medical doctors to help them understand what their test results mean. now, at one time, walgreen's pharmacies, planned on carrying these particular kits on store shelves, but that was scrapped because of the ongoing controversy. >> julie? >> casey stegall, thank you very much. a major milestone as the first combat troops arrived home in washington state. the homecoming a significant
7:43 pm
stepping stone in the transfer of power from american troops it iraqi troops, but of course, it's always a glorious reunion for the soldiers and their families. >> it's exactly hike being heem. >> how are you doing? >> the 250 soldiers arriving back in pierce county, washington, this it cparticular brigade over saw elections, but right now it's all about families, passengers struggling to escape after a dramatic plane crash and the oldest person in california separates another birthday, just two stops as we go across america. ohio, a dramatic rescue caught on tape just seconds after a plane plunges into lake erie off the island. you can see the plane slowly sinking below the water's surface. fortunately it happened near a dock so witnesses were able to
7:44 pm
throw life preservers to the passengers as they crawled out of the parentaling and all four people on board the plane are said to be okay. >> washington d.c., thick black smoke pouring out of buildings not far from the white house after an underground fire sparks an inferno, the flames quickly spread forcing hundreds of people to run from their homes and several nearby hotels and officials believe the fire was caused by a blown electrical transformer. we were standing in front of the white house on pennsylvania avenue, we heard a big boom and just kind of dismissed it, but five minutes later, there was a bunch of smoke crossing the pennsylvania avenue. >> luckily, no reports of any serious injuries. california, meet sol dad majia, a san diego woman celebrating a special birthday. no, not her 100th. she's been there, done this. this amazing woman just turned 111 years old. her family says, some of her
7:45 pm
secrets to long life might be her nightly prayers and her coffee. . >> she asks for the coffee. asks for coffee. she likes coffee a lot. she grew up in mexico and she's the oldest living person in california and she became a u.s. citizen when she turned 100. iowa and on the other side, illinois, the two states battling it out in an annual tug-of-war competition. in the middle, the mississippi river. 11 teams take part in pulling on a 2400 foot rope, it weighs about 800 pounds. and the winning side gets a very coveted prize, this statue which the winning side gets to keep for a whole year. and of course, bragging rights. and that's a fox watch across america. cool critter time. do you know how many people it takes to catch a zebra?
7:46 pm
okay, how about two zebras? you can see it here and it was quite a task. the zebras were spotted running around a neighborhood near sacramento, california. they apparently broke loose from their enclosed home after getting spooked by some dogs. it took about an hour to catch both of the animals. one went back home, the other went to a vet to take care of some minor injuries thank goodness both are okay. beautiful animals. have you always dreamed of living in beautiful sunny hollywood, california? how is your chance. tinsel town is hiring and we're talking hundreds of jobs, we'll find out what you've got to do to get into the show biz next. ever seen ything like it?
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>> a big cloud of dust and a big pile of rubble, all that is left of the former state supreme court building in denver. implosion crews making way for a 600,000 square foot judicial complex. jobs may be hard to find or come by in many parts of the country, but there is one town that is hiring, hollywood. some analysts predict an upswing in hiring in the tv and movie industries later this year and next year. up to 15,000 new positions to be exact, but one thing could stand in the way of the hiring binge. courtney friel explains. eat, pray love and expendables
7:51 pm
open up. productions mri hundreds of thousands of people and a new report says film and tv jobs are looking bright for 2010 and 2011. >> lights, camera, action. >> anywhere you look, you see the location shooting going on. commercials, feature films, t shows, it's good news for southern california. production is up and means good things for this economic advisor. >> we're looking at 15,000 new jobs this year. >> he's just talking california the los angeles economic development corporation predicts tv and film jobs totalling 170,000 this year, way up from 2009. things look good on the national forecast, too. >> we'll just come through an upfront advertising season which arguably was the best upfront wave' seen in the last tech cade. >> which means more shows are getting picked up. over 35 series ordered this fall on network tv. vchlv even
7:52 pm
on the cable channels, as for movie productions, new incentives and 3-d and animated films are demanding more technical help. >> the jobs we're seeing now are geared towards folks with talent in the digital arena. >> plus you'll always need the talent which has casting directors feeling optimist tech. >> there are actors i've been seeing that were working on occasion, and seem to be going from jobs to job to job now, both in television and independent films. so, it does seem like there's more opportunity for consistent employment. >> while things look more promising, the numbers are not yet back to pre-recession levels. also, everybody is just hoping there aren't any more strikes and the writers, directors and actors gild all have their contracts expiring next year. in new york, courtney friel, fox news. >> julie: chaos erupts as a
7:53 pm
popular performer takes the stage. what happened at a concert that left the singer bruised and bloody. you won't believe how nasty it gets. plus, if you are anywhere near heinz field near pittsburgh, you may have heard some colorful hang wage coming from the stadium. reports next. dunk it... and discover more new ways than ever to enjoy crab. starting at $14.99, only during crabfest at red lobster. because new chips ahoy! why all the excitement? made with reese's peanut butter cups are here. our real chocolate chips... and reese's peanut butter cups... crammed into one exciting new cookie. so now, more than ever, there's a lotta joy in chips ahoy! [ clattering ] [ male announcer ] when you're all out of good ideas and you've moved on to the dumb ones, it's time. american standard heating & air conditioning.
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>> two young pitchers having very different afternoons and a running back what could be season ending injuries. peter let's start with the american league central divisions. from the men minnesota twins threw a no-hitter, seven innings, and an amazing afternoon. the twins are red-hot and american league central leaders and probably going to the playoff with this.
7:57 pm
the other team the detroit tigers going through a downward spiral and their young pitcher, armando galarraga got know a fight in the dugout, two teammates and pitchers and catchers appear to be best friend and fightening the dugout, and they actually won the game and one team going up, one going down and two different afternoons. >> julie: and what about the running backs? >> two rookie running backs, second carry as a nfl professional player and he breaks his ankle, probably out for the season. stephen johnson's story is incredible. usc lastier, and weight lifting accident and severed her layer rinks and vocal cords. amazing and yesterday breaks his ankle and probably out for the season. pre-season football, do we need to have it? >> there's a steelers game and
7:58 pm
the referee says something and did he not mean to be heard. didn't know his mic was up. there's some controversy. >> yeah, it's raining, pouring rain and pre-season game. who cares what the final score is and replay official says let's go to the replay on the play. thinking the audio is out and the stadium hears him and an official says, i'm going to kick his blank. >> julie: starts with the letter a and ain't apples. >> no. >> julie: all right, peter, thank you very much. >> thank you very much. >> julie: police saying that reality star teala tequila got more than she expected, a crowd threw rocks, beer bottles, firecrackers and even feces at her. we're told despite that tila continued to perform, but as it became more and more violent the angry mob giving chase back to her trailer, and she says she plans to sue the
7:59 pm
organizers of the festival. and on this day in 1969, half a million people brave the miserable weather at a farm in upstate new york for a weekend of peace, love and music. ♪ tila tequila wasn't at this one, jimmy hendric ym ymy hendr they exhibited 50,000 people, but ten times that number. the storage of food and bathrooms, rain and mud and two babies were actually born during the festival. the spirit of the 60's comes to life 41 years ago today and now you know the news as fox reports this sunday, august 15th, 2010, i'm julie


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